About the guide & organizer

My name is Etsuko and I am a licensed English-speaking guide. I have been involved with this field since 2016, and it has been a true joy in my life. Before I became a guide, I was a co-organizer of a Stroopwafel making workshop with a lady from the Netherlands for two years. We held workshops in and around Tokyo to provide a Dutch culture experience to Japanese/foreigners at local communities, public elementary schools, Dutch embassy and so on.

I have also worked as an English teacher for kids/adults for about twenty years and this includes the experience of working as a Japanese teacher for a language school in the United States. All of these careers may be different, but they are the same in such way that they require a certain organizational skill that would make people of any age and nationality feel relaxed and have fun, and is also accompanied with the flexibility to weave in the specific needs of the clients.

I am originally from Kansai region (the west part of Japan) and have lived in Tokyo for ten years. Before my family and I moved to Tokyo, we used to live in Kobe for two years, Seattle for six years.  I am not a pure Tokyoite who has lived in Tokyo most of the life, but I feel having lived in different places has given me a clearer perspective of the attractions of Tokyo.


Tokyo is a modern, big, and exciting place, but at the same time, each area differs and holds unique aspects. I would like to share people not only the touristic part of Tokyo, but as well as the smaller local areas filled with history and culture.

Tokyo gathers people from many different places and background. Wouldn't it be wonderful to meet these people and learn from them? Through my experienced-based activity, let me connect you with the expert of Japanese culture. My monthly group tour is open to both Japanese locals and foreigners. The mixture provides us with deeper understanding of other cultures as well as of your own...which makes our life richer and more exciting!

I hope you will join my tours and have unforgettable moments in Tokyo! 

See you soon!