Explore in a Telescope Tokyo monthly group tour?  Or make your outing fully customized?

I provide you with two different types of tour/activity: Regular monthly group tour and fully customized tour.

Monthly group tour

Telescope Tokyo monthly group tour is held regularly and it is a great chance to discover new places in Tokyo. I select several exciting spots and enjoy strolling in a group. Even if the place is not new to you, you will still be amazed by interesting background and facts that I'd sprinkle throughout the tour, which makes the place more exceptional to you.  Our group tour also welcomes Japanese participants, and we enjoy the mix of different nationalities and cultures. 



held once a month

depending on the tour/activity 

around 10 people

*Please check the latest tour/activity on Facebook

Past monthly group tour expamples (link to Facebook) 

Hina maturi (grils' day festival) cooking & dolls exhibition tour 

Kimono &Tea ceremony experience

Zen meditation & rice porridge experience

Gotokuji temple & Boro-ichi antique market tour

Sugamo walking tour & Karaoke experience

Meguro Gajoen Hina dolls exhibition tour

Nezu & Yanaka walking tour

Meiji shrine, Harajuku & snake cafe tour

Customized tour

Customized tours are great for those who would like to explore privately with your friends and families. We can plan your days in Tokyo fully enjoyable according to your interests. For the first time visitors, we can cover popular and well known spots in Tokyo area. 
For the repeated visitors, why don't we head to some of the local areas and discover hidden gems? It is also nice to dive into some experienced-based cultural activities such as tea ceremony, Zen meditation, kimono dressing, and so on.
Customized tours are also good if you are planning a ladies outing, special event for a group/company/organization, or thinking of a perfect gift for friends/family visiting Tokyo.

*Please contact for the details for what we can offer you.

Custom tour examples (link to Facebook)

Sushi making experience

Sake brewery tour

Shichigosan celebration (7-5-3 year- old growth celebration)

Nezu & Yanaka walking tour

Kamakura walking tour

Tokyo tower, Ginza, & Akihabara walking tour

Asakusa & Fukagawa walking tour

Nezu & Yanaka walking tour

Tea ceremony & Kimono shop visiting experience

Fukagawa fudo & Kiyosumi garden walking tour

Homestay program

with sake tasting, cooking, Tai Chi, flower arrangement, Koto performance experience

About the travel insurance
The travel insurance is not included in the tour, so I can not be liable for any damages during the tour. If you are concerned, I appreciate you would prepare your own insurance in advance.